Policy and legislation engagement

As an academic, I love engaging with theory and philosophy, but I also feel it is my duty to ensure that my research has practical value. For that reason, I have committed myself to participate in public participation processes during law-making and to comment on policy. Does it have an impact, do people listen? I will only know for sure what the impact is if I don’t do anything. Instead, I abide by this Southern African proverb: “Not everyone who chased the zebra caught it, but he who caught it chased it.”

Land Court Bill comments

Here are our comments on the Land Court Bill of 2021.

Submission to the IEC on the postponement of the elections

Expropriation Bill 2021

Social Justice and Covid-19 policy and relief monitoring alliance (SCOPRA)

This project is a project of the Social Justice Chair at the University of Stellenbosch, under the leadership of Prof Thuli Madonsela. It aims to constitute a social accountability bulwark that tracks Covid-19 policies and relief measures to assess and ensure compliance with equality and social justice commitments, as well as other human rights obligations and democratic governance. The website can be found here.

So far there were two policy briefs. The one was on level 4 regulations, the other a brief in terms of the De Beers-judgment. Here are the two policy briefs:

Section 25 Amendment: The South African Research Chair in Property law submission to Parliament

On the 15th of January 2020, various stakeholders, Chair alumni, academic voices and other interested parties from the SARCPL and other affiliations met at the STIAS Wallenberg Research Centre to discuss and comment upon the very topical Section 25 Amendment Bill. This is the submission that we made.

Summary of opinion submitted to President Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture

The President Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture invited me to do a submission on “expropriation without compensation”. A summary of my opinion was included in the final report, that can be found here. The minority report included my whole opinion, and can be found here.

During the second colloquium that was hosted by the presidency, certain issues arose in the break away sessions. I also submitted some comments on the issues that were raised there, specifically to the issue of the type of properties that might be subjected to nil or less compensation. This is the feedback that was sent.