Ek Afrikaner

So ek is vandag hier. Ek, as (Afrikaanssprekende Suid-)Afrikaner, wie se voorouers deel was, wetend of onwetend, van ‘n sisteem wat Suid-Afrikaners geras en ontmens het. En dié ongeregtighede gaan langer vat as een generasie om reg te stel, so ons beter begin.

When is a structure a “home” for purposes of section 26 of the Constitution?

This was part of the issue in the South African Human Rights Commission case, delivered last week. The City of Cape Town argued that the structures the demolished were unoccupied, and as such do not fall under the provisions of PIE. Being unoccupied, there was nobody to evict. The applicants, however, argued that those evicted have been living in the structures (in other words, it was occupied), and therefore they are entitled to the protection of section 26 of the Constitution.