Letters from Joburg

South African Research Chair in Property Law Submission on the Expropriation Bill B23 – 2020

This is the written submission authored by various academics that formed a Think Tank under the South African Research Chair for Property Law. The work of the chair, under the leadership of Prof ZsaZsa Boggenpoel, is focused on the development of a new property law for South Africa. It is aimed particularly at exploring the role of property law in the new constitutional dispensation.

The Expropriation Bill B23-2020

There is a lot of information doing the rounds on the Expropriation Bill at the moment. This post is a combination of various opinion pieces I have published on the matter the past 3 months. It’s a long read, but it is a complicated subject, not to be reduced to 240 characters.

My dad’s dance with dementia

My father danced a dance with dementia, which taught me what the essence of being human is; how there are no masters who can teach us how to die, and that we never really die completely – something always remains, from which new things grow.

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